The contents of Mathematics 7 Quarter 1 emphasis on the Number and Number Sense. The lessons in this quarter are provided sequentially from easy to difficult and from visual to a mental collection of activities enough to fill the skills of mathematics instruction for the learner in the real number system.

The lesson begins with a review of the basics in numeracy skills in using Venn Diagrams to represent sets, subsets, and set operations. In real numbers, it starts with the integers to rational numbers. Illustrative examples are provided for an easier grasp of skills being developed and the activities are carefully prepared to achieve mastery. The activities are anchored in the cognitive process dimension.

Number and Number Sense as a strand includes concepts of numbers, properties, operations, estimation, and their applications.


     Mathematics is a skills subject. By itself, it is all about quantities, shapes and figures, functions, logic, and reasoning. Mathematics is also a tool of science and a language complete with its own notations and symbols and “grammar” rules, with which concepts and ideas are effectively expressed.   T his course is designed  to emphasize the study of quadratic equations, inequalities, and functions. It includes mathematical concepts for working with various expressions, analyzing relationships and solving quadratic equations, inequalities, and functions.

     Mathematics 10 is one subject that pervades life at any age and in any circumstances. Thus, its value goes beyond the classroom and the school. 

     Mathematics is indispensable in many ways. It enables us to have better problem-solving skills that we can use in everyday life. More importantly, Mathematics can help us understand the world better. Through Mathematics, you will learn how to appreciate and value the things around you. Indeed, Math is everywhere.