Great day learners! Welcome to your course in Business Enterprise Simulation. This integrates all the key concepts and processes of Accounting, Business and Management (ABM) as applied in real-life activities.  So arm yourselves with the basics you learned from the Entrepreneurship subject and get ready for another level of simulating your business skills in this module!

Good day learners!

Welcome to your online subject in Applied Economics! 

The course deals with the basic principles of applied economics, and its application to contemporary economic issues facing the Filipino entrepreneur such as prices of commodities, minimum wage, rent, and taxes. It covers analysis of industries for identification of potential business opportunities. The main output of the course is the preparation of a socioeconomic impact study of a business venture.

You are expected to do survey, analyze and proposed possible solution/s to the economic problems using the tools and techniques of applied economics. 

Goodluck and Enjoy learning ♥

Welcome CFOs!

This course will let you think, act and be like a Financial Manager of a business, so enjoy!

Welcome to the world of accountancy, business, and management.! It's challenging yet fulfilling  journey towards becoming a skillful individual.  Because  in learning the fundamentals of your strand, provision of practical solutions and/or decisions is a skill to master.  So let's begin our journey and have fun in the process.  God bless you ABM learners!!!

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Great Day Learners! Welcome to your online course in Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management 2. You are challenged to learn beyond blindly memorizing formulas and to be able to apply the concepts in real business transactions.

 There are eight ( 8 ) lessons in this course:

            Lesson 1 - Statement of Financial Position (SFP)
            Lesson 2 - Statement of Comprehensive Income (SCI)
            Lesson 3 – Statement of Changes in Equity (SCE)
            Lesson 4 - Cash Flow Statement (CFS)
            Lesson 5 - Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements  
            Lesson 6 - Basic Documents and Transactions related to Bank Deposits
            Lesson 7 – Bank Reconciliation Statement
            Lesson 8 - Income and Business Taxation

With the lessons above, may all of you have as much fun learning Accounting, to obtain 

the knowledge and skills in the analysis of financial statements that  will aid the future entrepreneurs in making sound economic decisions,  prepare of basic business forms, business documents, bank transactions, simple bank reconciliation statement and integration of information technology in accounting. This course aims to finish Lessons 1 to 6 for the midterm; and lessons 7 and 8 for the final term of the semester.

Great day learners! Welcome to your online course in Organization and Management. This course deals with the introduction to the realm of management to provide the basic information that could guide you to succeed in your future management tasks. All organizations—no matter the kind, size, or location—need good managers in order to successfully achieve their organizational goals and objectives. As future managers, you must realize that managers have to deal with the ever-changing world, hence, management styles must also be dynamic in order to adapt to these inevitable changes. This course reflect those changes and will help you prepare to become ideal managers who will be ready to face the world’s varying challenges.