Welcome to your new friendly science course! Everything will be easy if you will do things diligently. Majority of our lessons will be familiar to you as they are already been discussed in your science subjects in junior high school. This course will try to expand and deepen your knowledge in physics to allow you better understand our physical world.

        Hello young mathematicians! 

         The Basic Calculus self-learning modules were designed as the primary learning material for learners in the senior high school. It contains the main definitions, theorems, operations and formulas, techniques and applications to real life situations intended for the course. The material includes numerous exercises to help you understand the different principles and gain proficiency in various problem-solving skills techniques and be able to apply in real life scenarios.

          Calculus is one of the most notable discoveries in mathematics. Dating back the time of Newton and Leibniz of the 17th century, it is now a fundamental area of mathematics and is an essential tool used by scientists, engineers, architects, economists, business analysts, and others with wide range of applications. It provides explanations how to model behaviors such as changes, areas bounded by curves and even natural phenomena. Developing proficiency of Grade 11 senior high learners will also of great help to learning the course in physics which will be taught in Grade 12 using some calculus-based approaches. There are still many things to learn about calculus but they will be learned in college when a learner pursues math-based courses.

          The Basic Calculus course will require many enabling competencies that learners have already learned in previous math courses such as special products and factoring, functions, polynomials and their graphs, equations, inequalities, circular and trigonometric functions and equations. However, there are some new concepts and ideas that he/she will encounter for the first time that they will find interesting and fun. Since senior high school is a transition to college, mastering this course will greatly help them to prepare for higher level of academic endeavor and decision making. We are confident that a meaningful journey to this course will make them better problem-solver and decision-maker. Have fun!

Welcome to our General Biology 1 Online Course, a specialized course for STEM students like you. This 12-week course is designed to extend your understanding and appreciation of life processes at the cellular and molecular levels. It also covers the transformation of energy in organisms. It is composed of 5 Major topics that contain lessons and engaging learning activities. 

                  Good day learners! This is your math online course in Pre-Calculus. Be Calculus ready! Calculus is defined as a branch of Mathematics concerned with the study of instantaneous rate of change (differential calculus) and the summation of infinitely many small factors to determine some whole (integral calculus). Sounds complicated? It won’t be as long as you strive to do your best in this course. Enjoy e-learning :-)